Banner Vane Extender
Banner Vane Extender
Banner Vane Extender

Banner Vane Extender

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Now you can correctly display, and extend the life of your banners.

The main complaint we receive about promotional banners flown on vertical poles is that when there is no wind to extend the banner, it cannot be seen. 

After a period of research into the various methods of extending banners- springy sticks in pockets, solid or swivel mounted arms etc- we can now offer our solution to the age old problem of how to get the most exposure for your expensive artwork. 

Our system will retro fit to your existing banners and will fit and fly on any standard flagpole, banner pole , building, or other structures such as light pole, with minimal disruption. There is a small modification to existing banners, which we can carry out.

The system can be transferred from pole to pole as the client requires and allows for easy changing of banners or flags from ground level. 

As you can see in the photograph the vane supports are arranged at an angle and the banner flies freely between them. They are visible. However they are a neutral colour and do not detract form the image to any degree.

Unlike other spring loaded or single flexible fishing rod types of banner extenders there are no pockets that can be worn through or rods to loose. 

Because the banner is not distorted and hangs square, flat and free, reacting lightly to the slightest change in wind direction, contact between the banner and the pole is minimised resulting in vastly increased banner life. 

As the picture show, we have had a banner vane system flying on one of our standard issue 9 metre flagpoles outside our office continuously for the past 18 months and apart from some sun fading, the banner is in excellent condition and the vane system shows minimal wear. 

the configuration of the vane system is such that it will allow well over 270 and up to 360 degrees of free rotation in either direction. 

In the case of light poles, buildings etc, there is a halyard system that needs to be installed. This comprises a pulley block mounting, a cleat that is fitted below the level of the bottom of the banner and the halyard rope itself. 

These fittings can be simply strapped or banded to the pole with standard strapping equipment. the only load on them is along the long axis of the pole. There is no twisting or wrenching forces such as exist with other spring loaded or solid banner arms. 

Our banner vanes will solve your banner wear problems and will increase the life of your banners

The price per banner vane includes all modifications ex work.