Repairs by Australia's Flagpole Repair Company

Flagpole World offers all types of repairs services for single free-standing poles for schools, businesses, sports grounds and councils. We also run ongoing maintenance programs for Government organisations.

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In the meantime, please see below for general flagpole repair info + our contact form to request your quote. 

If your flagpole is non-functional we can quote you for a simple re-rope and operational check. This can usually be done without a site visit if you provide photographs of the base of the pole, a general view of the installation and an image of the top of the pole.

  • We will always provide a quote prior to commencing any work
  • A free site visit and inspection can be carried out if it is obvious that some more investigation of the problem is needed.

 The various levels of repair may fall into the following categories:

  •  If you have lost the key to your internal halyard vandal resistant pole we can send you a key and screw kit

  •  If the door on internal vandal resistant poles is damaged we can repair/re-furbish the door, install new locking screws and provide spare keys and screws

  • If the halyard is still in the pole we can trace out existing halyard, supply and install new halyard complete with weighted necklace clips and swage, ready to fly your flags

  • Check door and cleat operation

  • If the halyard has been lost up the pole, but is still through the top sheave we may be able to retrieve the halyard, and then repair or replace the halyard and clips, etc

  • If halyard is missing, we can lower the pole (if hold down bolts are accessible), re- trace new halyard, check pole, door, cleat, top sheave etc. and re-erect

  • If the hold down bolts are not accessible, we can reach the top of the pole with a cherry picker

  • If the pole is badly damaged we can remove the pole, carry out repairs and replacement at our facility and re-erect the pole onto your existing hold down bolts or excavate and pour a new footing

Please contact us for a quote — we'll be in touch ASAP. We may have to ask a few questions over the phone.