DIY Flagpole Shop

We provide all the components you need to build, repair, or refurbish your own aluminium or timber flagpole. 

For aluminium poles you will need to visit your local Capral centre (we're happy to suggest an appropriate material/extrusion number, but it's your final decision to make).

 A typical kit would consist of: 

  • flagpole top to suit various diameter tubing
  • halyard complete with clips
  • swages and cleat
  • various rivets to attach same.

 Options include weighted necklace, top pulley, saddles, and extra clips etc.

Timber poles require broadly the same sort of components as well as parts that may be unique to your particular pole, timber truck, steel tabernacle etc.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have! Please phone 02 4777 4713 for advice, guidance and a price.