Aboriginal Flag Bunting

Aboriginal Flag Bunting

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Our best quality AboriginalFlag Bunting is 100% Australian Made.
Choose from fabric (knitted polyester) Aboriginal Flag Bunting, paper Aboriginal Flag Bunting or plastic Aboriginal Flag Bunting available in 10m lengths.

  • Manufactured from top quality, environmently friendly materials
  • Each flag has a dimension of 300mm x 150mm 


Fabric - Screen-printed onto knitted polyester fabric, stitched on to plastic bunting tape - 10 metre roll. Suitable for indoors or outdoors use. Durable, longer lasting.

Paper- Printed on FSC recycled paper from controlled forests, stitched onto plastic bunting tape - 10 metre roll. Suitable for indoors use only on short term outdoor use. Great for parties and celebrations.

Plastic - Printed and finished in Australia on environmentally friendly plastic, stitched onto platsic bunting tape - 10 metre roll. Suitble for indoor or short-term outdoor use.










© Harold Thomas 1971 and Carroll and Richardson Flags. The license to manfacture the Aboriginal Flag is held by Carroll and Richardson Flagworld.