Australian Red Ensign Flag

Australian Red Ensign Flag

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Our best quality Australian Red Ensign Flags are 100% Australian Made.
Choose either a Fully Sewn Australian Red Ensign Flag or Printed Australian Red Ensign Flag available in various sizes.

The Australian Red Ensign flag is also known as merchant flag. It is for use only at sea and officially never on land, but can be used by private citizens

  • Manufactured from top quality fabrics
  • Finished with a reinforced header and two nylon flag clips

Printed or Sewn Flag?

Printed, knitted polyester fabric - Light-weight fabric for use both indoors and outdoors. Our printed Australian Red Ensign Flag flies easily in light wind and is suitable for calm to moderate weather conditions. 

Fully Sewn - Heavy duty woven, linen-look fabric for use both indoors and outdoors. Our fully sewn Australian Red Ensign Flag is a more traditional looking flag, suitable for stronger winds and heavier weather conditions. When flown outdoors, our sewn Australian Red Ensign Flag has a longer lifespan than a printed Australian Red Ensign Flag.