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Custom Flags

Custom Flags

Custom Flags (Fabric):

Flagpole World flags, banners and pennants are of the highest quality and are manufactured using woven bunting or synthetic trilobal flag fabric. All flags are finished with reinforced header and flag clips as standard. Alternatively, we can finish flags to your specifications such as with flag loops, brass eyelets, rod pockets, anti-furling batons, etc. All flags are made to Defence Australia standards.

  • Corporate Logos
  • Club Insignias
  • Schools Crests
  • Family Crests
  • All Custom Designs and Shapes

There are three methods we use to create your flags.

Appliqued Flags:
These traditional flags are fully sewn to achieve a presentation-quality finish, and are suitable for prolonged outdoor use. This is a cost-effective method to produce one-off flags or for designs which feature many colours (solid colours only, no shades or tones) or detail.

Screen-Dyed Flags:
Attract attention to your product or business with these light weight high-definition flags. This is a cost-effective method to produce runs of three or more flags using two or three colours (solid colours only, no shades or tones). Due to fabric width restrictions, we cannot screen-dye flags wider than 1500mm.

Digitally Imaged Flags:
This method is suitable for intricate or complex designs as well as photographic reproductions. Artwork containing shades and tones should be digitally imaged. Due to fabric restrictions, these flags are best suited for indoor or brief outdoor use only.

For information regarding suitable artwork, please refer to Artwork Requirements.

We can produce flags in any size or orientation, however, the standard sizes are as follows:

  • 1 yard - 900x450mm
  • 1.5 yard - 1350x680mm
  • 2 yard - 1800x900mm
  • 2.5 yard - 2250x1125mm
  • 3 yard - 2700x1350mm
  • 4 yard - 3600x1800mm
  • 5 yard - 4500x2250mm
  • 6 yard - 5400x2700mm

Please quote the corresponding PMS number (U - uncoated) in your flag artwork. Pantone Books are readily available from most artist supply stores. While all care is taken to match to PMS numbers as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

When preparing your artwork, please do not count white as a colour. We cannot dye or print white!

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