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Custom Banners

Custom Banners

Custom Banners (Fabric):
For fabric banners, please refer to Custom Flags.

Custom Banners (Vinyl):
Flagpole World digitally imaged vinyl banners are of the highest quality and are manufactured using durable vinyl sheeting with reinforced hems. Vinyl banners are finished with brass eyelets and wind-slits as per your specifications.

Please allow $170 per square metre, regardless of text/colours/images. This cost includes most artwork setup and proofing charges. Lead-time is approximately ten days from receipt of your suitable artwork. Please refer to our Artwork Requirements for details regarding print ready artwork or contact our staff for advice.

To calculate the cost of your banner:
For example: If your banner size is 3000x1250mm:

3.0 x 1.25M = 3.75M2 multiplied by $170 = $637.50 including GST.

Please note that this is a rough estimate only. We will be able to give you a fixed quotation upon sighting your artwork.

Care of your vinyl banners:

  • When the banner is not in use, always roll it up (like a poster). Never fold your banner as this may cause permanent creases.
  • Always ensure the banner is clean and dry before rolling it up.
  • When using your banner in a high wind location, we recommend wind-slits are cut into the vinyl. Wind-slits should be U shaped and spaced approximately every 500mm.
  • When displaying your banner, ensure each corner is tensioned evenly.
  • Do not allow the banner to flap in the wind as excessive flapping may result in tears or cracks.
  • If the banner becomes dirty, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean. Allow the banner to dry before rolling up.
  • If the banner is printed on both sides, place a sheet of plain paper on one side prior to rolling it up.
  • In the event that your banner develops a cut or tear, we may be able to repair it. Please contact our staff for details.
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